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Galley-La Company

The Galley-La Company's main office.

Galley-La Company is a company of shipwrights in One Piece.There are seven docks in the Galley-La company. Each has its own set of workers and its own shipyard. Each Dock can be entered through a towering door with its number on it, through which the shipyard can be reached. It is unknown how many employees the company has, but there are hundreds shown at various points, and as the city is a large city populated largely by shipwrights, the number could be very high. Each Dock has five foremen in charge of it.

Dock One is typically regarded as the most prestigious by many citizens and workers, and it is also the only Dock that much information is known about, as the others haven't been shown in series. The people of Water 7 seem to idolize the foremen of Dock One, discussing how manly or handsome they are, much like one would expect when talking about celebrities.

Galley-La also has a main office, which doubles as Iceburg's home.



The president of the Galley-La company, Iceburg is currently 38 years old. He is loved by the people of Water 7, especially by all of his workers. They enjoy his company and often ask for his opinion and input on anything having to do with building ships.

Iceburg at times seems to have two different personalities. Sometimes, he acts in a very childish way, canceling all of his meetings so that he can show people around, refusing to meet with people because he doesn't like them, finding animals on the ground and taking care of them, and other such behaviors. He currently has a mouse that he named "Tyrannosaurus". However, when the time comes, he can be very serious, and it becomes clear that his childishness is only when he is relaxed.

Iceburg was the holder of the plans to Pluton for four years after Tom's death. After those four years, he secretly gave them to Franky, Tom's other apprentice that Iceburg had known since the two were children. However, as this was done in secret, the government still believes that Iceburg is in possession of the plans. As such, some officials come to try and get them from him on a regular basis.

Iceburg also believed that Nico Robin deserved death because she was the only person alive who could decipher the ancient Poneglyphs that could revive Pluton. He tries to kill her during the Water 7 arc, but later believes that he was wrong about her and that she is a good person.

The recent Aqua Laguna and its devastating impact on Water 7 gave Iceburg the desire to make Water 7 into a boat and float it on the water. When talking to Franky, Iceburg gave out Tom's famous quote, "With a DON!". Franky agreed that the phrase suited Iceburg.

As shown in part 5 of the "Where are they Now" title page mini-arc, he is now holding auditions for a new secretary to replace Califa.

  • Iceburg was recently voted the 19th most popular character in One Piece.
  • According to a Volume 43 SBS, Iceburg's birthday is January 3rd. This is because ai is the pronunciation of the English letter "i", which looks like the number one. Su is the first part of the Japanese pronunciation of the word "three" (surÄ«). Put together, these make Aisu (Ice), the first part of Iceburg's name.
  • Despite the fact that Eiichiro Oda has spelled his name as "Iceburg" multiple times, this isn't always used. Many fans prefer the name "Iceberg". The anime itself spelled the name as "Icebarg" once, while Oda himself wrote it as "Iceberg" in a recent fan poll.
  • Occasionally, he says “nmaa” before his sentences. It seems he uses it as an ancillary word to express his frustration; similar to the word “well”.


Califa, Iceburg's secretary, is a young woman who is very good at predicting Iceburg's needs, as well as keeping him on track. As his secretary, she is in charge of keeping track of his meetings and canceling them if it is required; however, she also accompanies him everywhere and gets things together for him before he even asks for them. Normally she is very calm and composed; however, if somebody insults Iceburg, she is very quick to anger, telling them that they are rude and kicking them rapidly in the face. Kalifa is very rarely seen away from Iceburg's side. She seems to care for Iceburg very much, and is very upset when anything happens to him.

  • Califa was recently voted the 23rd most popular character in One Piece.
  • According to a Volume 43 SBS, Kalifa's birthday is April 23. This is because Secretary's Day is on April 23.


Galley-La seems to have very high standards when it comes to accepting new shipwrights; the ones that fail typically go on to join the Franky Family. However, the ones who are accepted all have very distinct personalities.



Paulie is one of the five foremen of Dock One. His specialties are rigging, mast-making, and knots. Paulie's fighting style revolves entirely around using ropes and various knots in a style he calls "Rope Action". Despite the fact that all five foremen are equally ranked, Paulie seems to be the most respected by the other shipwrights of Dock One, often even ordering Lulu and Tilestone. He also is the closest of the five to Iceburg, and becomes very upset when he is insulted or harmed. He even says that Iceburg is the one that made him a shipwright, and he is seen admiring the Sea Train when it was first built. After the events of Eneis Lobby, Paulie was given the title of Vice-President of Galley-La, this was shown in the "Where they are now" mini-story.

Paulie has many money problems. He is constantly in debt, and as such is often chased by money-lenders. Whenever he does get money, however, instead of paying off his debts, he gambles it all away, getting himself even deeper in debt. Paulie also doesn't like women wearing what he considers "scandalous clothing"; as such, he has many problems with the way Nami, Kalifa and the Square Sisters dress, and often tells them to wear something that covers more. His "excuse" is that Galley-la is an all-men company. His name is spelled "Pauly" in the english version of Unlimited Adventure. In the edited versions of One Piece the cigars will be removed

  • Paulie was recently voted the 18th most popular character in One Piece.
  • According to a Volume 43 SBS, Paulie's birthday is July 8. This is because in the Japanese language, 7 can be pronounced as na, and 8 can be pronounced as wa. Put together, these make nawa, the Japanese word for rope.
  • Paulie's name was spelled as "Pauly" in a recent poll in Shonen Jump. However, as other characters' names were spelled differently than the accepted canon or fan spellings, the spelling "Paulie" is still, by far, the most common spelling used.
  • He is confirmed to be one of the two children that are seen running in the opening day of the Puffing Tom.
  • He is a playable character in the Wii only game, One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is one of the five foremen of Dock One. He is a sawyer, bolt specialist, and treenail specialist. Lucci most often fights weaponless, but occasionally will fight with whatever tool he finds nearby. Lucci never talks, preferring to instead talk through his pet pigeon, Hattori, using ventriloquism. Hattori always rides on Lucci's shoulder until Lucci begins fighting, at which point he will fly overhead until the battle is over. Lucci seems to have a rivalry with Paulie, and often chides him for having money problems. Because of this rivalry, the two often fight; however, the matches generally end before there is a victor. Other than this, however, Lucci appears to be very distant from everyone else, including the other foremen and Iceburg.

  • Lucci was recently voted the 12th most popular character in One Piece.
  • According to a Volume 43 SBS, Lucci's birthday is June 2nd. This is because in the Japanese language, 6 can be pronounced as ro, and 2 can be pronounced as bu. Put together, these make Robu, Lucci's first name.
  • Lucci's name is based on the Italian word for light, "Luce". If you count Rob as the meaning 'to steal', then his name can be translated to 'steal the light'.


Kaku is one of the five foremen of Dock One. His specialities are mechanics, diagnostics, and housecalls. Kaku fights with bladed weapons of various sorts, although what this is changes. Kaku is very light-hearted, often seen smiling and laughing. He seems to enjoy climbing buildings and jumping off of them to travel, as opposed to walking or riding on a Yagara Bull like most citizens do.

Kaku also has the peculiar habit of speaking like an old man would. Japanese has many different speech patterns that people use, depending on age, gender, location, and other such things. Kaku, however, uses the same speech patterns an old man does. He does this so often that Luffy even asked if he was an old man, to which Kaku replied (while speaking like an old man) that he is 23. This confuses everyone even more.

  • Kaku is called the "Mountain Wind" by the people of Water 7. Franky, however, calls him the "Mountain Monkey".
  • Kaku was recently voted the 9th most popular character in One Piece.
  • According to a Volume 43 SBS, Kaku's birthday is August 7. This is because in Japanese, 8 can be pronounced as ha, and 7 can be pronounced as na. Put together, these make hana, the Japanese word for nose.

Peepley Lulu

Peepley Lulu
Peepley Lulu

Peepley Lulu is one of the five foremen of Dock One. His specialties are pitch, block and tackle, and blacksmithing. Lulu fights with double-weapons, although what weapons he uses change at times; he has been seen fighting with swords, guns, and saws, though he tends to stick with swords later in the story. Lulu constantly has part of his hair sticking up. When he tries to push it down, it always pops up somewhere else, such as the other side of his head, his mustache, and other people's heads. In most situations this is simply humorous, with other characters looking at him funny for it or simply ignoring the oddness. However, at times it actually comes in handy; in battle, Lulu can make the hair come out of somebody's nose to distract them, leaving them open for him to attack.



Tilestone is one of the five foremen of Dock One. His specialties are cabinetry, caulking, and flag making. Tilestone is a very large, strong man, who typically fights with either a large hammer or some sort of huge, hand-held cannon. He has a tattoo going from his chest near his shoulder to his arm with the kanji for "shipwright" , although often only the first kanji, which means "ship", can be seen. Tilestone yells everything he says, even if the situation calls for speaking quietly. The other foremen seem to understand this, and even though they yell at him for it, they also seem to try to accommodate it. However, Tilestone himself seems somewhat unaware of his constant yelling. Tilestone is the last of the foremen to be formally introduced in the story, although he is present from the first scene Galley-La is shown in.

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