Saturday, March 22, 2008

Franky Family

The Franky Family is a group of ship dismantlers and bounty hunters, brought together under the leadership of Cutty Flam (better known as Franky).They are the outcasts of Water 7, those whose dream was to work for Iceburg in the Galley-La Corporation, but failed the entry exam to become shipwrights. As a result, they had nowhere else to turn, other than to Franky (who also considers himself something of a failure). Though they do cause some trouble to the citizens of Water 7, they are good at heart. The entire Franky Family are totally inept at saving money for a long period of time and on more than one occasion wasted millions of hard-earned (sometimes stolen) Berri for the sake of spending (though their leader isn't exactly a market planner himself). One of the main people seems to be a round Fukoru-like person who, according to an SBS question answered by Oda, is named Tamagon.The Franky house is the base for the Franky Family. Known both as the Franky House and Scrap Factory. Its located on the northeast beach of Water 7. Not the neatest building like the rest of the city its very colorfull with pale green walls and a light red roof. The name Franky House is prominently displayed over the entrance. It was destroyed by the Straw Hats as revenge for the Franky's mugging Usopp. A crude building has been built in its place after the events in Enies Lobby.




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