Saturday, March 22, 2008

Enies Lobby

Known as the most powerful government fortress Enies Lobby is the Location of the Enies Lobby arc. It is relatively close to Water 7 and is connected to it by the Sea Train. It is defended by a variety of troops and warriors including CP9. The island possessed many novelties including the fact that it is a No Night island. The islands waters are ringed by a massive fence. The island itself hangs out over a massive hole in the ocean making access to the island difficult. The entrance to the island is from the part thats on the sea through two massive gates. To get To the Tower of Justice on a cliff/island on the opposite side of the hole you have to enter the islands massive Court house and lower its drawbridge. The Tower of Justice is the dwelling of CP9. Prisoners who are taken to it proceed to and underwater tunnel that leads to the Bridge of Hesitation. From there they pass trough the colossal Gate Of Justice. After that they go to Navy Headquarters or Impel Down. Enies Lobby was destroyed by the Buster Call.




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