Thursday, April 3, 2008

One Piece Unlimited Adventure on Wii


The player can use different tools such as Bug Net, and Pick Axe. Other items such as Freeze Balls, Bombs, and Batteries can be used while fighting and power up your attacks.
Another addition to the game is the various character traits. For example if Nami catches any type of frog, she will scream in disgust, Sanji does the same with the "Crossbone Dragonfly". If you put Usopp in his SogeKing Special Costume, his entire voice track has been replaced with a more heroic one, fitting his alter ego. If you put Chopper in his Chopperman Special Costume, in the Camp Site you can see him flying in the background.
Besides the Adventure mode, there is a Battle mode. You can play Vs. Mode, with a friend or the CPU. This mode lets you choose 40 different characters, all of which you have defeated in the Adventure mode. From the popular bosses such as Eneru and Rob Lucci(both Man, and Man/Beast forms), to the basic Marine and Island Soldier. There is also a Survival Mode where you can play as either one of the Straw Hats, or one of the bosses in a huge 1 man brawl against 200 enemies against the clock.


The Straw Hat Pirates aboard the Thousand Sunny are in peril as food and water supplies are running low. After Luffy reveals that he, Usopp, and Chopper wasted all the food in an eating contest, Sanji makes him and Chopper fish to make up for their lost, as well as Usopp looking out for any near by islands to restock. Instead of catching any tasty fish, Luffy catches what appears to be a jewel. He tries to show the others his new found mystery jewel, but no one is interested. They are more worried about the lack of food. "Can't eat it, we don't need it." Luffy decides to use a Gum Gum Rocket to launch himself into the air to get a better view hoping to see an island. For one reason of another the Jewel reacts and an island is emerges from the sea, under the Thousand Sunny.

Luffy, the crew, and the ship are scattered around the island. Luffy lands in the "Plains to Adventure" area, as well as a camp. This becomes the base of operations. Luffy goes out to find the rest of his crew, but is attacked by a strange creature named Popora. It seems to be trying to retrieve the jewel that Luffy has in his possession.

The Jewel begins to show signs of bringing past memories into view, as when Luffy meets one of his crew mates, their joining scene from the Manga/Anime is shown. After finding Usopp, Chopper, and Nami in "Fossil Beach", they find an alter. Luffy's jewel activates it, bringing an old foe, Captain Smoker's image in front of them. Not knowing why Smoker is there, Luffy and co. defeat him. Soon which, they run into Robin and Franky, and soon after Zoro and Sanji.

As the game progresses, the Straw Hat Pirates break more seals, while trying to figure out what is going on the island, as well as find the Thousand Sunny. They find the Sunny, as well as what the seals are exactly for in "Autumn Colored Ruins". A master evil is being concealed in the island, and Popora, is protecting the seals to prevent his resurrection.

The Crew decides to help Popora, as he should never be alone in protecting this island for as long as he has. Popora joins the crew, but is not selectable to play as, and follows them to help out. He speaks with showing flashbacks of his and the Straw Hat's.




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