Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Study Comparison to Yogyakarta n Surabaya

On Tuesday, 26 February 2008, at 7 o’clock A.M we went to Balikpapan with 2 Government buses. There were 19 persons in First bus, and 31 persons in second bus. In the bus, the leader was
Mr Ikhsan. On the way, we listened to the song, and the students in high grade gave us many snacks. At 10 o’clock A.M we arrived at Sepinggan airport. We went to Yogyakarta with Mandala Airlines. The plane was flied at 12 o’clock P.M and arrived at Yogyakarta at half past one P.M. After that, we went to Gudeg Restaurant to had lunch. Then we went to Perdana Hotel, and took a rest until half past six P.M. After we took a rest, we had dinner in Coto Restaurant. The food was very delicious. After we had dinner, we backed to Pradana Hotel to take a rest.

On Wednesday, we visited to two schools in Yogyakarta. They are SMP 1 Bantul and SMPN 5 Yogyakarta. We were studied at SMPN 5 Yogyakarta. The school is very clean and good and we were in SBI 2 room, the students in SMPN 5 were friendly and confidence. The head class was Mr Walldy, and the class leader in SBI 2 was Lingga. The teachers were friendly. After we finished school, we ate in Suharti Fried Chiken Restaurant. Then, we went to hotel to took a rest. After that, we went to Malioboro to buy some souvenir. After we bought, we went back to Pradana Hotel to took a rest.

On Thursday, we visit to the school again. After we finished the school, we ate in a Restaurant in Yogyakarta. Then, we went to Prambanan Temple. Prambanan Temple consists of 6 Temple. They are Wishnu Temple, Brahma, Shiva, Angsa, Garuda, and Buddha Temple. Garuda Temple is a new Temple in Prambanan Temple. In Prambanan Temple you can photo with your friends in front of the Temple.

On Friday, we went to the school again and gave the Souvenir because Friday is the last we school at SMP 5 Yogyakarta. After we finished school, we went to Adi Sucipto railway station. In Adi Sucipto railway station we must wait until 4 o’clock P.M to went to Surabaya. After that, we went to the Train for continue our trip to Surabaya. Then we arrived at Surabaya. We went to Grand Kalimas Hotel for took a rest.

On Saturday, we went to the SMPN 6 Surabaya. In there, we received with glorious. There is a band who awesome. In SMPN 6, there is an EF crew. One of EF crew is from Australia, his name is Mr. Mike. We learned English, and played English games. After we finished the games, we visited the classroom of the students. The class was clean. There were many computers in that class. After we finished and leaved the school, we went to the water park in the CIPUTRA Land. Before we swam, we had lunch first. After we had lunch, we changed our clothes. First, we swam around the water park. Then, we went to the wave pool. In there, the wave was too high, it is very fun. After that, we went to the spiral coaster. There were 2 slides, they were yellow slide, and green slide. In yellow slide, there wasn’t a roof, but there were many turns, it is very defy. In green slide, there was a roof, but we can’t saw in there, it is so dark. After we finished play in CIPUTRA Water Park. We went to TP or Tunjungan Plaza. In TP many games, food, and many others in TP. After we bought something from TP we went to Grand Kalimas Hotel to slept.

On Sunday, we went to Jatim Park in Lamongan. We went to Jatim Park early morning maybe at 06.15 A.M. we went to Jatim Park early morning because the track which we went around 2 hours. After we arrived at Jatim Park we must have a particular bracelet. After we have a particular bracelet we can played anything games in Jatim Park. In Jatim Park many games that can we played, There are : Mirror House, Go Kart, Pirates cave, Insectarium, Space Seattle, Water Games and many others. First, we went to Ghost Hospital. In Ghost Hospital is very scary. Then, we went to 3-D Movies the film that we watched can go out.
After we watched 3-D Movies, we went to Mirror House. In Mirror House there’s only Mirror and many trap. There are 1000 Mirror in Mirror House. Then, we went to Space Seattle, Space Seattle is very gracious. Besides of Space Seattle, there are Bumper Cars and Jet Coaster. We played the Jet Coaster first, Jet Coaster is not gracious. If the track of Jet Coaster more longer that absolute gracious. Then we played all games in Jatim Park. After we played, we went to the Submarine Monument. In Submarine Monument we can went to the in of Submarine. Then we went out and back to the Hotel for took a rest. Beyond few hours, we ate in Kya-Kya but because the weather is rain so, we went to Carrefour to ate KFC.

On Monday, we must prepared our items. We went to Sepinggan Airport to back to Balikpapan. After we arrived at Balikpapan we went to Tahu Sumedang to ate something for recharged our Stomach. After our stomach feel fat. We continued our tip to the Samarinda. Then we arrived at Samarinda and the buses deflated the students at SMPN 1 Samarinda. And we can back to our Home.




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