Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Piece - Episode 313 - 314

Episode 313-Disturbed Peace! The Marine Vice-Admiral with the Fist of Love
Well everyone is recuperating at Water 7 while it recovers from the Aqua Laguna. Kokoro was visiting with Yokozuna, Chimney and Gonbe. They think that Luffy is awake when in realty he is still sleeping as he eats.

One of the big facts in this episode was the statement of Franky’s dream. He had needed 200 million berri to buy a legendary wood- Adam - from this type of wood he would build a ship. This, he would give to the Mugiwara. Gold Roger sailed on a ship made from the same material. The episode ends with the appearance of Vice-Admiral Garp.

Episode 314- The Ultimate Lineage? Luffy’s Father Revealed!
Luffy was awaken rather painfully from his grandfather - Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp. Sanji questioned Luffy on why would it hurt since he was a rubber man, punches shouldn’t hurt. However, Garp calls it a fist of love, so it would and should hurt.

Luffy is pretty scared of his grandfather, so he tells the other Mugiwara to don’t attack Garp. Then he gets into a long standing argument with the vice-admiral about his dream of becoming a pirate, when it was apparently Garp’s intention after tossing him into

countless ravines, jungles and into the sky with balloons to train him to become a proficient marine. Garp blames it on the influence of Shanks. So they were arguing and suddenly they fell asleep. Possibly a characteristics of the family

it is similar to how Ace falls asleep into his food. After beating Luffy again for his rudeness towards him, Garp reveals a bit more information on the level of Pirate that Shanks is at.

Anyhow this episode had the appearance of Coby and Helmeppo, who were training with Garp. Luffy and Zoro who came back from town

didn’t recognized who Helmeppo is while they were very surprised at the appearance of Coby. But a fact even more amazing occurred, Garp mentions about the identity of Luffy’s father and how Luffy had met him in Lougetown, when he saw them off. Monke

y D. Dragon - a revolutionary…. meaning a force that was very similar to what Kohza in Alabasta was doing, which was gathering forces to overthrow the monarchies. This shocked everyone present until Garp told them all to forget about it…. but it’s it’s a pretty amazing end to an amazing episode.




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